Two Ways To Properly Reward Friends Who Help You Move

Posted on: 8 March 2016

It's commonly said that good friends are hard to come by, and this is probably particularly true of friends that will spend their free time helping you move from one home to another. So when friends agree to pack boxes and load furniture into the moving truck, you should adequately reward them for their efforts. Here are two ways you can properly express your gratitude for people who assist you with your relocation.

Go Beyond Pizza and Beer

There's nothing wrong with buying pizza and beer (or soda) to feed the people who are packing boxes and moving furniture. Seeing as you're not paying your friends actual money, buying them lunch and drinks is probably the least you can do. To truly thank your friends, you should go above and beyond the minimum and do something special.

One option is to treat your friends to a meal at a restaurant. You could take them to lunch or dinner at your favorite place to eat. Alternatively, if people are feeling too tired or sweaty to go out, you could make a nice meal consisting of your friends' favorite foods at your new house or take everyone out to breakfast the next morning.

Another option is to make to-go boxes consisting of precooked meals for your friends to take with them when they leave so they don't have to worry about cooking or ordering from a restaurant when they get home. This will save them time and money, something most everyone appreciates.

Give Reciprocal Coupons

Moving is hard work consisting of a lot of physical labor. Therefore it's only fitting that you should offer to help your friends with equally labor-intensive projects that may come up in the future. This can be done by giving your friends IOU postcards for future tasks such as mowing the lawn, cleaning out the garage or storage unit, and even moving. You can make these IOUs extra special by printing them on colored cardstock and clipping to small bags of cookies.

To avoid any miscommunications or disappointments, be clear about what you're willing to do. If you're afraid of heights, for example, it doesn't make sense to offer to help a friend clean his or her roof. You should also put a note on the IOU stipulating how much advance notice they should give you when they want to cash in the favor so you have enough time to rearrange your life (e.g. take time off work).

Taking time to properly thank your friends for their hard work not only ensures they know how much you appreciate them but may make them more willing to help you with other tasks in the future. For more information about making your moving day easier or to get help with a move, contact a moving company (like Gardner Moving) in your area.


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