Things To Purchase To Help With Your Early Spring DIY Relocation

Posted on: 29 March 2016

If you're moving this spring, you're going to need a variety of moving supplies. At this time of year, bad weather and damp conditions can create problems during your move. Picking up supplies that protect against bad weather can help you have a smooth relocation.

Floor Protection

With all the back and forth between your home and the moving truck, you're going to want rugs, mats and floor runners that will help protect your floors from sand, salt, snow, water and ice that you may drag in on the bottoms of your shoes. Purchasing a variety of different types of floor protection in many different sizes and made from many different materials can help ensure that you have exactly what you need when you need it.


You'll probably need tarps many times throughout your relocation. Tarps can be used to cover furniture during bad weather, or cover floors to protect them from mud, water or snow. To get the most out of your purchase be sure to buy heavy-duty tarps rather than disposable.

Sand and Salt

If cold weather and precipitation is in your forecast, purchase sand and salt to ensure that the sidewalks leading up to your old home and new home will be safe for you to tread while carrying boxes. Keep pathways liberally covered with the slip protection of your choice to help ensure that anyone moving the boxes and furniture won't slip and fall during the relocation.

Rags and Towels

Keep many rags and towels on hand during your move to help wipe mud off of shoes, water off of floors, or drops of rain off of furniture. Have rags and towels available inside your home and outside in the truck, for easy access.

Extra Pairs of Warm Gloves

If the temperature outside your home is windy and cold, warm gloves will help your fingers stay nimble and help you avoid accidents involving dropped boxes. For convenience, be sure to purchase gloves that have rubber grippers on the palms.

Good Quality Moving Supplies

People moving in early spring tend to need all the standard moving supplies, including tape, bubble wrap and boxes. Many people may try to get away with picking up free packing materials from grocery stores, department stores and other businesses. While this might work at various times throughout the year, it's can be a bad idea for an early spring move.

Second-hand boxes are often already in bad condition and can create problems once they get wet or otherwise compromised. With the possibility of rainy, icy or snowy weather in the forecast, it's a good idea to purchase thick, sturdy boxes that can handle damp conditions without becoming soggy and soft. Contact a moving company, like Route 37 Self-Storage or a similar business, for more tips and help.


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