Personal Safety Tips When Accessing Storage Units

Posted on: 30 March 2016

With the need for storage units on the rise, it is important that safety is a factor when renting out space in a storage facility. While many storage units might have a layer of safety or security, it is important for individuals to take extra care and precautions. Here are four personal safety tips to keep in mind if you are planning on renting a storage unit.

1. Pay Extra for a Central Location

Make sure that you aren't off the beaten path when it comes to storage and find a facility or location near you that is in a busy area of town. This way there will be others around and you won't be a target for theft or assault. Paying a few extra dollars to ensure your individual storage unit is in a spot that is easily visible from security offices or others can also keep you safer just by proximity alone.

2. Be Smart About When You Visit Your Unit

Even if your storage facility boasts round-the-clock access, this doesn't mean you should risk it. If you can schedule times to get to your storage during the day or over the weekend, you will be less likely to be alone in your storage area surroundings. This will protect you from thieves who are looking for the opportunity to cause harm or break into your unit if you are alone and an easy target.

3. Request an Escort to Your Unit

If you have to access your storage unit late at night or this is in an area that isn't heavily trafficked, it might be wise to request a security escort. Many storage facilities can offer this service and is a good idea to take advantage of if you feel at all unsure about your surroundings. If you can't bring a friend along and you are by yourself, don't risk it.

4. Report Suspicious Activity

If you get an uneasy feeling about an individual within the storage facility while accessing your storage, see cut fencing, or notice doors wedged open, report this immediately to security. Many times thieves will pose as other storage renters when they are actually casing a storage facility. Thieves might alter or compromise entrances so that they can gain access later on. If security can deal with these security breaches ASAP, you and your things will be more secured

While loading up and accessing your storage unit might seem like a mundane process, this can be a place that thieves frequent. There is no need to make yourself and your items an easy target. Be smart and stay safe when accessing your storage unit. Contact a service like Redondo Van & Storage to learn more.


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