Hiring A Moving Company? How To Ensure That Your Items Are Packed Properly

Posted on: 1 April 2016

If you are hiring a moving company to assist you in your move, you are probably looking forward to having a team of professionals to do all of the heavy lifting and other hard work. However, one thing that you might be concerned about is keeping your items safe when they are being moved. Some people worry about whether or not their valuables and other items are packed properly, but following these tips can help prevent any issues and help ensure that your items arrive at their destination in tip-top shape.

1. Hire the Right Moving Company

First of all, the moving company that you hire will make a big difference in how your items are packed. If you hire a fly-by-night company, there's a chance that your items will not be handled and packed with the respect that should be taken. Look for online reviews, talk to people you know and look for a moving company that you can count on. Also, insist on using a moving company that has insurance, so that your items can be covered in the event that something does happen during the packing and moving process.

2. Provide Directions

Don't assume that your movers will know exactly what you want them to do without you providing them with any guidance. For particularly valuable or fragile items, feel free to give instructions. For example, you can ask for certain things to be packed separately or can ask that certain packing materials be used when they are packed away to keep them safe. Consider writing these instructions down in detail and leaving them in a place where your moving crew can easily find them.

3. Pack Some Items Yourself

Even though one of the joys of hiring a moving company is that someone else can do all of the hard work for you, it's not a bad idea to pack up the most important, sentimental or valuable items yourself. Then, you can handle them with care, and you'll gain peace of mind in knowing that they were packed like you wanted them to be. You can even choose to transport these items in your personal vehicle so that they are not mixed up with other items and accidentally handled improperly. If this isn't the route that you want to take, make sure that you label them as "fragile."

Hiring a moving crew can make things a whole lot easier, but you might still be worried about certain things. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you shouldn't have to worry much about how your items are packed and moved.

Talk with local moving companies about their process for more info and tips.


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