Need An Inexpensive Storage Unit? 4 Things To Keep At Home

Posted on: 2 April 2016

Although it is ideal when you are able to store everything that you have and need in your home, this is not always a possibility, especially if you live somewhere with strong seasons. If you would like to rent a storage unit, but want to get one affordably, you should look far away from city centers. Another way to save money is to bypass climate control, but it is essential to know what items not to store inside your unit if you do.

Most Furniture

Unfortunately, most furniture that you would put into a storage unit is not good without climate control. Wooden furniture is susceptible to excessive moisture, which can lead to rotting and warping. Leather is another type of furniture that can lead to mold issues when not under ideal conditions. But, plastic furniture and some metal furniture should be able to handle such conditions, so you have a few options.


If you allow candles to stay in extremely warm conditions, they are naturally going to melt down. It is best to find other possessions to put into storage and keep the candles in a cool, dry area. Although it depends on the candle that you get, the wax could melt at less than 990 Fahrenheit. Similar to how your car can get hotter than the outside air, your storage unit can as well, to the point of melting candles.


Whether it is magazines, books, documents, or another type of paper, you should keep them out of a storage unit. If your area gets humid at all, the moisture in the area can cause damage to paper goods. Even photos can get discolored, so it is best to keep your family photos elsewhere. If you just do not have the room to keep papers in your home anymore, you should use a scanner to save them on a computer.

Seasonal Tires

If you have all-season tires that you use for most of the year and summer or winter tires to enjoy better traction through the summer or winter months, you should avoid putting them in a storage unit. The lack of climate control can lead to problems such as freezing in extreme situations. Considering tires are what you rely on to maintain safety on the road, you do not want to cut corners with their storage.

Renting a budget-friendly storage unit is an excellent option to satisfy your storage units, you just want to plan out what you want to store beforehand to avoid causing damage to any of your possessions. For more information, check out companies like Island Movers.


renting storage for a hobby that pays

I have been very fortunate to find a hobby that can earn me a decent living. I started out selling toys that my kids no longer played with and my small business grew into restoring old toys, searching for the missing pieces of vintage toys and putting everything back together to resale. A hobby that I love doing has put a lot of food on my kitchen table, but it was also taking over my home. It reached a point in which I had to do something, so I rented a storage unit up the road from my house. Find out how you can use a storage unit to earn a living without it taking over your home.