Tips For Organizing Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 6 April 2016

Few of us invest in a storage unit with intention of it becoming a black hole of items we never see again. Staying organized can help to make sure that your storage unit remains functional and you are able to access items quickly when you need them. Here are some of the important steps to take in organizing storage units.

Label Everything

Each box should contain an updated list of every item inside the box. Group similar items together so that you have a general sense of where to find an item and don't need to read every single label. When you add or remove an item from the box, be sure to update the label so that they stay reliable.

Make Use of Shelves

Modular shelving is another handy tool for keeping your storage unit organized. You can adjust these shelves to different heights to accommodate different sized boxes and items. And one of the best things is that many modular shelves don't need to be wall-mounted, so you can still use them even if your storage facility doesn't want them attached to the wall.

Create Walkways

Storage can become unusable if it's a hassle to wade through boxes and figure out the labels. Be sure to leave enough space to move around and get what you need. In addition to using shelves to free up floor space, you may want to consider putting stacks of boxes on rollers so that you can move them and access deeper layers of boxes. However you choose to organize your aisles, make sure that all of your handy labels are facing outwards and visible as you move through the space.

Heaviest on the Bottom

Another good step is to have your heaviest boxes on the bottom of your stacks. This way, you'll only have to bother with these items if you really need something out of that box.

Organize Based on Use Value

You may also want to organize the room based on how often you'll need to access those items. For instance, place all of your frequently accessed boxes in a specific corner of the room or shelf, and push all of the infrequently used boxes to the back of the storage unit. This will make it much easier for you to quickly find your go-to items.

If you organize your storage units with all of these principles, you can make it a delight to use and return to. Cleaning up a cluttered storage unit does take some effort, but the payoff is huge. To learn more, visit a website like


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