Clearing Out Clutter? 3 Things To Put Into Storage To Free Up Space In Your Home

Posted on: 11 October 2016

Holiday gift exchanges and spontaneous shopping trips are all reasons that you might end up with a few new items in your home. It is understandable to want new clothes or to buy new decorations, but you must understand that your house can only take so much until it starts to look cluttered. Having a garage sale and donating some items that you no longer intend on using can certainly help, but you should also look into renting a storage unit to gain immediate access to clutter relief inside your home.

Seasonal Clothing and Decorations

An easy thing to put away is seasonal clothing. In some parts of the country, a person might be able to wear the same outfit every day of the year, and these wardrobes may not take up that much space. When the climate ranges from pleasant to warm, the clothing is typically lightweight, so they use less room. If you live in an area that gets all four seasons, you will have different clothes for every season. So it is a smart idea to create dedicated storage bins that you can pull out each season and put away afterward.

This same logic can be applied to seasonal decorations that you might have. Fall and winter are likely to consume most of your decorations because it is so easy to get festive for the holiday season, but there is no reason that you need to keep these belongings inside your home all year long.

Documents and Photographs

Tax documents, family photographs, and other important papers are all things that you may want to keep. But, it is highly unlikely that you will want to or feel the need to look at them during the year. You might be saving the photos to pass down to your children and keeping tax documents for safety reasons. These things are prime for putting in storage where they will be safe and sound until you need them.

Collectibles and Inherited Items

If you have inherited items from family members who have passed away, you might not know what to do with these possessions that you know you want to keep. As a result, you may have placed the items into your attic, garage, or a spare bedroom, but these things do not really need to stay there. Placing inherited items and collectibles into a storage unit is perfectly fine when it is climate controlled and well secured. Prioritizing an indoor facility will likely provide you with both of these qualities automatically.

As long as you are willing to pay at least $115 a month for a climate controlled storage unit, you should have no problem finding one that you can use to reduce or eliminate clutter in your home.

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