4 Common Hidden Moving Expenses

Posted on: 5 July 2022

When moving to change scenery, for a job, or to move closer to your family, you expect to handle some costs. As you plan for your move, it is prudent to have a budget and estimate the cost for certain expenses like packing supplies and hiring residential movers. However, some hidden costs might creep up on your final invoice, throwing you off your financial balance. These expenses include the following. 

Stair Fees

You might need to pay stair fees if you live in an apartment complex with a staircase. Undoubtedly, moving furniture and other items down the stairs is harder than using an elevator. So, when scheduling moving services with a company, remember to mention there is a flight of stairs for a more accurate quote. Homes that need the movers to climb stairs repeatedly could get a premium charge.

Storage Charges

You are probably assuming that once you pack and load the items, the next step will be unpacking the belongings in the new house. But if you are moving from a large home to a smaller one, there may not be enough space for all your belongings.

If you moved with the items, you probably need them and aren't ready to throw them away. So, you might need to get storage for these items, one large enough to fit all the items. Homeowners may forget to budget for storage unit expenses.

Charges for Oversize Items 

Although you will pay the normal rate for standard-size furniture, boxes, and other home items, the charges will differ for oversized items. If you have large bulky items, you will be charged more. 

For example, you will likely pay extra for moving a piano since it is oversize and delicate. Large items need specialized equipment to move. Therefore, you might get a few hundred slapped on your final moving charge.

Replacing Items You Didn't Haul, or That Got Broken in Transit

Most residential movers have insurance to compensate you if some items break in transit. However, often, the insurance doesn't cover the full cost of the items. So, you might need to get some money out of pocket and add to the compensated amount to replace the item.

It is recommended to declutter when packing to reduce your moving expenses. During the decluttering process, you might notice worn-out household items that you may not need to move with. On settling, you will need to replace these items.

Always plan for the unexpected. When budgeting, allocate funds to the above expenses to avoid falling short of money.


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