Personal Safety Tips When Accessing Storage Units

Posted on: 30 March 2016

With the need for storage units on the rise, it is important that safety is a factor when renting out space in a storage facility. While many storage units might have a layer of safety or security, it is important for individuals to take extra care and precautions. Here are four personal safety tips to keep in mind if you are planning on renting a storage unit. 1. Pay Extra for a Central Location
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Things To Purchase To Help With Your Early Spring DIY Relocation

Posted on: 29 March 2016

If you're moving this spring, you're going to need a variety of moving supplies. At this time of year, bad weather and damp conditions can create problems during your move. Picking up supplies that protect against bad weather can help you have a smooth relocation. Floor Protection With all the back and forth between your home and the moving truck, you're going to want rugs, mats and floor runners that will help protect your floors from sand, salt, snow, water and ice that you may drag in on the bottoms of your shoes.
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Two Ways To Properly Reward Friends Who Help You Move

Posted on: 8 March 2016

It's commonly said that good friends are hard to come by, and this is probably particularly true of friends that will spend their free time helping you move from one home to another. So when friends agree to pack boxes and load furniture into the moving truck, you should adequately reward them for their efforts. Here are two ways you can properly express your gratitude for people who assist you with your relocation.
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Triple Protection Is Triple Good

Posted on: 20 January 2016

If you're moving soon and need to pack up your home, packing the dishes and glasses in the kitchen will likely be one of the more time-consuming tasks. You may be tempted to take shortcuts or just do the minimum possible to cover the glasses, given that they'll be placed in a special dishpack-type box anyway. But extra protection is necessary because you don't know what kind of jostling the glasses will receive.
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